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Archive for February 2013

Snow and Ice Damage on Plants

After a heavy snow or blizzard you might see sprawling plants everywhere you look. Arborvitaes and upright yews splayed open or even plastered to the ground. Rhododendrons and rose bushes are flattened, and evergreen trees that once were upright have taken on a the shape of a weeping plant. What should a homeowner do? If…

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Snow and the Landscape

As New England gets ready for a big snowfall, we at Hyannis Country Garden prepare to answer people’s questions about storm damage. The combination of a heavy, wet snow and wind can be harmful to many landscape plants. Perennials love the blanket of insulation that snow provides but shrubs and trees can become bent or…

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Love Spring? You Can Grow That!

On the 4th of every month garden bloggers post four words of advice: You Can Grow That! This month, in advance of Valentine’s Day, many are writing about growing love and romance. From roses to vines that twine together, love has long been associated with flowers and plants. But the use of flowers and growing…

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