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Archive for February 2014

Late February – Signs of Spring

This morning I walked around my yard looking for signs of spring. I saw several, and also noticed some things that will need taking care of in the coming month of March. Here are a few things I saw that you might be wondering about too.   Once the snow melts go out and see…

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Montauk or Nippon Daisies

On Cape Cod we love our Montauk daisies. In the rest of the country this perennial is more commonly called Nippon daisy, from its botanical name: Nipponanthemum nipponicum. Since this plant thrives on the eastern tip of Long Island it has also come to be called Montauk daisy. No matter what you call it, we…

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When Can I Plant…Mid-Winter FAQ's and Some Fun

As the days thankfully get longer and lighter, we all get spring fever. When the phone rings at the garden center it’s often someone who is anxious to focus on the growing season ahead. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we are hearing. Q. How early can I plant new shrubs…

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Winter Aromatherapy

Want a cure for cabin fever? You Can Grow That! After the second snowstorm of the season we all start to get cabin fever. We see customers come into our greenhouse because they are starved for flowers and want to be surrounded, even for a few minutes, with lots of green. In addition to the…

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