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Archive for April 2013

Dwarf Sweet Box

Got shade? Have we got a plant for you! Dwarf sweet box (Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis) grows to about 18″ high, is dark green and is as handsome as its botanical name is long. How many plants do you know of that look as good during and after a cold winter as they did in…

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Planning Your Herb Garden

Are you interested in edible landscaping? Do you want to add healthy, low-calorie flavors to your cooking? Would you love to be uplifted by the fragrances and tastes of summer? If so, you need an herb garden and it’s the perfect time to plan one. Here are some tips for planting herb gardens: Choose an…

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When Can I Plant?

It’s a common question at this time of year. When is the best time to plant? The answer depends on what you are planting. If you’re wanting to put in new shrubs and trees you can plant these as soon as they arrive in the nursery as long as the plants you’re buying look similar…

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A Sunny Day? You Can Grow That!

Every day is filled with sunshine if you grow Sunflowers. This annual plant, Helianthus annuus, makes a cheerful addition to any flower bed, vegetable plot, or bird garden. Best of all, they are easy to grow! Don’t look for annual sunflowers in the garden center, however. These plants are best planted from seed. Put sunflower…

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Caring For Your Holiday Gift Hydrangea

You say that someone gave you a greenhouse grown Hydrangea as a gift? These are popular spring gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day and other occasions, and they are beautiful plants. But you’re probably thinking “Can I plant this Hydrangea outside and will it live and bloom again?” or “When can I plant it outside and…

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