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Archive for January 2019

Fragrant Plant for a Winter Lift

At this time of year it often feels like spring just can’t come fast enough. Fortunately, we can cheer ourselves up with indoor plants that are blooming, fragrant, or both. Here are just a few of the commonly found fragrant plants that are sure to lift your spirits out of the winter doldrums.

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Watering and Fertilizing Houseplants

The main reason people’s houseplants die is from the way they are watered: too much or too little water kills indoor plants. Watering isn’t the only reason some plants fail, of course, but improper watering leads to the decline of plants in the majority of cases. Here are some general guidelines for watering, followed by…

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Houseplant Problem Solvers

January is the month when we start to notice problems on indoor plants. There are good reasons for this timing: the plants have been living with less than ideal light since October. The air in our centrally heated houses is dry. Plants might be crammed in together so that there isn’t good air circulation and…

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An Indoor Plant for Every Heart

I walked through the front greenhouse at Country Garden the other day because I wanted to be surrounded by the amazing selection of houseplants. I needed a serious dose of growth! That day I noticed that Christina and Marsha were unpacking a new shipment of indoor plants, so of course I had to take a…

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