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Archive for March 2020

Cutting Gardens

It’s easy to grow flower for creating bouquets and displays of cut blossoms. Here’s a list of shrubs, annuals, bulbs and perennials for cutting.

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Safety and Sanity

Here are some “plant based” ideas for keeping your spirits high, plus some suggestions of how we can help keep you safe and sane.

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Grow THIS From Seed

Buying plants is instantly satisfying, and for many varieties it’s the smart thing to do. But there are several good reasons to grow some plants from seed. There are some wonderful selections that you won’t find for sale as plants, others that are super-easy to direct sow into the ground, and occasionally seed starting is…

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Planting A Privacy Screen

When you want more privacy for your Cape Cod property, there are several options that should be considered. Here are some suggestions for plants and designs, and why certain choices might work well for your yard.

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