Seven Steps Closer To Spring – #3

Seven Steps Closer To Spring – #3

Create A New View

It may be too early to plant, but there are other ways of enhancing a view. To determine if this is an option for your property, start by looking out your windows.

As you gaze from those indoor vantage points onto scenes you frequently see, ask yourself the following question: Is there a focal point here that’s interesting to look at?

A focal point can be an interesting tree or shrub, but it can also be a bench, birdbath or garden ornament. These are things that are present twelve months a year and they are easy to put into just about any landscape. Frequently such focal points actually become more interesting in the winter when they are dusted with snow.

This is the perfect time of year for gazing at the different views out your windows. If you decide that an interesting tree would be a nice thing to look at, start researching which variety would grow well in that location. If you don’t have room for a tree or large shrub consider a manmade object. You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to place a birdbath or garden furniture in the landscape, and you’ll continue to enjoy those things for months to come.

Garden furniture is almost more attractive in the winter than it is in the seasons when you can sit there! It looks beautiful in the snow and can even add a bit of color.
A large pot or urn provides contrast with the textures of garden foliage. These containers can be filled with a variety of plants from season to season. Look out your windows and imagine how an urn would look in your landscape.

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