Easy-Care Kalanchoe

Easy-Care Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a popular houseplant because their bright flowers are cheerful and they are easy to grow. There are numerous varieties available now, from the common Kalanchoe blossfeldiana that has bright red, pink, yellow or orange flowers to the v

Kalanchoe are succulents so they can go a bit dry in between watering. Do water them well when they are dry, however, so that the flowers don’t wilt or shrivel up. Empty any water that remains in the saucer under the pot after the plant has had an hour or so to absorb what it needs.

Keep this plant in a sunny window; a southern or western exposure is ideal but an eastern window will do if that’s the best you’ve got. Once the flowers go by clip the dried stems off so that the foliage remains attractive. If you want to keep your Kalanchoe as a foliage plant, transplant into a slightly larger clay pot and fertilize according to directions for houseplants on the product you’re using. If you want to keep it simple, scratch a teaspoon of FlowerTone into the surface of the soil every month.

Commonly purchased during the Chinese New Year for decorating homes for the holiday, Kalanchoe is widely available in the winter months. This is because it is triggered into flowering by long nights. So if you want to bring a Kalanchoe that you’ve had for awhile back into flower, be sure that it gets 14 hours of darkness. In a time when mother nature isn’t keeping the days short you’ll have to put the plant in a dark closet in the late afternoon and put it back in a sunny window the next morning.


These are the most common varieties Kalanchoe...so bright and cheerful!

We love this variety of Kalanchoe too - it's called 'Pearl Bells.'


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