The Magic of Microgreens

The Magic of Microgreens

It’s cold outside and spring can’t come fast enough. Some of us satisfy our urge to plant by planning our vegetable gardens, but those in the know aren’t waiting….they’re growing micro-greens indoors.

Micro-greens are the youngest plants imaginable. They may be tiny but are nevertheless filled with flavor and nutrients. Tiny beet microgreens taste just like beets, arugula like large arugula greens, and broccoli just like…well, you get the picture. Best yet, they are easy to grow.

Micro-greens are grown on a shallow tray of potting soil. Professional growers of micro-greens use fresh soil for each crop to lessen the possibility of bacteria, and this is advisable for home growers as well. The soil can be reused for your outdoor container annuals, put into your compost or used to repot your non-edible houseplants.

We used plastic plant trays without drainage holes and filled them with just over an inch of damp potting soil. The seeds get sprinkled very thickly over the top of the soil and pressed lightly down in order make good contact with the potting mix. Cover the tray loosely with clear plastic and put it under grow-lights or in a sunny window. The greens pictured were sown one week before this photo was taken and these are about five or six days away from harvest.

To use micro-greens just cut off them off near soil level when they are an inch to two inches high. Sprinkle them on top of other salad fixings, in a sandwich or as a garnish on any main dish such as fish or chicken.

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