Recycle and Rejoice!

Recycle and Rejoice!

As I dumped garbage into the garden center’s dumpster the other day I spied a wooden crate that we received spring bulbs in. These shipping boxes have that aesthetic appeal shared by other well designed, functional items such as flower pots and cigar boxes. Since it’s the season to decorate porches and decks, I decided to use this one to celebrate the season and product the crate once contained.

If you want to recycle a similarly attractive item for your holiday decor, here’s how to do so.

1. If there are holes or slats in the side, as there were on this crate, line the container with an attractive fabric first. I recycled a burlap bag that originally held boxwood tips.

2. Next line the container with a plastic garbage bag and fill the container with blocks of water-soaked Oasis floral foam.

3. Tuck the edges of the fabric and plastic below the rim of the container and fill with greens stuck in the oasis. Be sure to make a fresh cut on the ends of the greens so that they are able to absorb water from the oasis. Use three or more different greens so that you have an assortment of foliage colors and textures.

4. Embellish the greens with the objects of your choice. Pine cones, berry sprays, twigs, silk flowers, pods or bows are just a few suggestions.

Once filled with greens we placed this bulb crate on sale so that one of our customers could enjoy the mix of winter and spring on their porch or patio.

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