Create A Holiday Centerpiece

Create A Holiday Centerpiece

It’s easy to make a holiday centerpiece that will hold one or more candles. Here’s how it’s done:

You need a block of wet Oasis, a dish to hold the oasis, waterproof tape, plastic candle holder, candle, greens and any embellishments.

Cut a slab of oasis about two inches thick and tape it into your dish to secure it all together.
Greens can be purchased at the garden center or clipped from your own shrubs. For this arrangement I used blue spruce, silver-tip Leyland cypress, arborvitae and boxwood. Hint: next time you’re planting evergreens anywhere in your yard, remember to get a variety of foliage colors and textures so that you’ll have lots to choose from for the winter holidays!
Start by sticking greens into the oasis, working evenly around the arrangement. For most tables using greens that are between three and six inches long is good…the smaller the table, the smaller your greens should be so that the arrangement doesn’t take up too much space.
Continue to place the greens into the oasis evenly distributing the varieties throughout.
Fill the arrangement so that no Oasis shows and the candle holder is also hidden.
Place the candle in the center and add your embelishments. Suggestions include: real or artificial fruit, pinecones, bows, glass ornaments, sea shells, glitter sprays, or flowers.
This arrangement was made up for Thanksgiving but provided the Oasis is kept moist it will last until Christmas. Later in December you could put a red or white candle in and add small roses or carnations for Christmas.

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