Easy, Colorful Fall Decorating

Easy, Colorful Fall Decorating

Looking for a quick way to dress up your porch or patio for fall? Make a pumpkin totem!

Get an urn, large pot or even a hay bale and place it on your porch, near a light post or where ever you would like fall decorations. Consider doing a display where you’ll see it from your kitchen window or next to your garage where you’ll see it every day.  A seasonal display should be for your own pleasure as well for others’ enjoyment.

Tip for squirrel control: If you find that squirrels are eating your pumpkins, try spraying or brushing them with Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce. It turns out that squirrels don’t like spicy food!

This stack of pumpkins was made on top of a heavy urn.
You can combine pumpkin totems with plants and hay bales for a larger display.
Don’t limit yourself to round pumpkins…the top element can be any gourd or squash with a long, curved neck.
A stack of pumpkins can be placed on any strong, stable surface…even a condo balcony!

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