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Container gardening

Fresh Color For Your House

It’s a cold, wet New England day and snowflakes are mixing with the rain drops…a sign of the winter ahead. Such weather, combined with the shorter days, can make our spirits sink. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution: colorful houseplants, for the beginning of that time of year when we need cheering the most. Here are…

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Instant Garden Improvement

Are there places in your garden that could use more color? Sometimes our customers say that they like their landscape but that the gardens are “missing something.” Others express the need for bright colors, but say that there isn’t much space left for planting or enough sun for most annuals or perennials. For all of…

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Front Porch Creativity – You Can Grow That!

Remember when you were in elementary school and the art teacher brought out a pack of construction paper or a new set of poster paints in an assortment of colors? Such excitement! Such endless possibilities! You can have that feeling of potential and creative anticipation again…and spiff up the entry to your home at the…

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Window Box Ideas

Choosing plants for containers and window boxes is such fun; there are so many creative possibilities! Everywhere you turn in the garden center there are vibrant flowers, striking foliage, and tremendous textures to pick from. Here are a few ideas for great window box combinations and some tips for success. TIP: Be sure that your…

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Measuring Pleasure

Some customers came up to me at the garden center today with a tropical hibiscus plant. “Are we just wasting our money to plant this on Cape Cod?” the man asked. “Well, if you’re asking if this plant will survive the winter,” I replied, “the answer is no, they won’t live through cold weather. But…

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Summer Care of Hanging Baskets

A basket of flowers on the front porch, deck or patio is one of the summer’s pleasures. Hanging containers of annuals provide color that brightens all outdoor spaces. They can even add fragrance to your outdoor living areas or attract hummingbirds. But in order to keep your hanging plant looking its best, you need to…

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Proven Winners

At Hyannis Country Garden we have one of the largest selections of Proven Winners on Cape Cod. These annuals are wonderful for containers and gardens, and many of our customers save the tags from year to year so that they can remember which ones they used in the past. Other people take photos of the…

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Edible Landscapes

Are you interested in fresh, tasty food? Would you like to be able to go out into your yard and pick ingredients for dinner? If your answer to these questions is “yes” but you’re not ready to install a full-scale vegetable garden or berry patch, this post is for you. Many of our customers would…

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Thoughts On Watering

Keeping Your Container Plants Hydrated The rows of watering cans in the store reminds us that the growing season is approaching. Some of these cans are traditional in shape and others are more fanciful. No matter if they are practical or silly, these watering tools represent a serious subject. Without appropriate watering container plants will…

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