Instant Garden Improvement

Instant Garden Improvement

Are there places in your garden that could use more color? Sometimes our customers say that they like their landscape but that the gardens are “missing something.” Others express the need for bright colors, but say that there isn’t much space left for planting or enough sun for most annuals or perennials. For all of these situations the best plant for the job just might not be a plant at all.

Large colorful pots perform a multitude of functions in such cases. A big pot breaks up an expanse of the textured, green leaves and adds contrast. Containers can also instantly put color into a garden and provide a focal point in the garden. They are useful and extremely versatile.

Containers can be placed into the garden and planted, left empty, or even turned into a fountain. Tip: if using an empty pot in the garden be sure to place one of the MosquitoDunks in the bottom to kill off any mosquito larvae that can grow in small amounts of sanding water.

Whether your large pot is planted with a red cut-leaf maple, flowering annuals, tropical plants, or simply used empty. Either way they add drama and color to a garden.

If I was this gardener I'd add two more pots that were slightly larger just behind the one containing the rose. Since the garden is currently planted with single plants or small groups, a group of three purple pots would add drama and weight.

See how much interest this dark red pot-fountain gives to this shade garden?

Wouldn't this fish fountain look wonderful in a garden that is mostly green?


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