Fresh Color For Your House

Fresh Color For Your House

It’s a cold, wet New England day and snowflakes are mixing with the rain drops…a sign of the winter ahead. Such weather, combined with the shorter days, can make our spirits sink. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution: colorful houseplants, for the beginning of that time of year when we need cheering the most. Here are just a few ways that plants will help you to feel better as we move from fall into winter.

  • Stress Reduction  Studies show that looking at plants lowers most people’s blood pressure. They help calm us and contribute to a sense of well being. Did you know that hospital patients who have a view of a garden recover faster than those who are facing the wall? Bring such a healing garden into your home!
  • Natural Humidifiers  Plants can raise the humidity in a room, and this is particularly valuable in the winter when our indoor heating drys the air.
  • Colorful Flowers Boost Moods  We know that bringing bright flowers into the home makes us feel happier. Changing plants around so that our indoor environment is fresh and new can also make us feel more cheerful.
  • Quick Creative Projects  Looking for a way to be creative this weekend? Make a window garden combining a variety of flowering and foliage plants. Place some of them in decorative containers…you don’t necessarily have to completely repot them. Just be sure if the container you use doesn’t have a drainage hole that you be sure to empty out any water that collects there immediately. Use a variety of plants that will thrive in the amount of light you have – make a note of which direction your window faces and come into the store so we can help you find the right selections.
For a creative and colorful selection of plants, choose some that have pretty foliage and others that are in flower. Not all flowering houseplants will last for years and years, but most will be in bloom much longer than cut flowers providing a long-lasting mood lifter!  This photo was taken as the first snowflakes are flying in Hyannis – I don’t know about you, but looking at these colorful plants make us feel better every time we walk through the greenhouse. Green therapy!

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