6 Gift Suggestions

6 Gift Suggestions

At Hyannis Country Garden we’re here to help you cross things off your to-do list, be they plant or people related. For those who are still pondering what to give certain folks, we have the following suggestions to help stimulate your thinking.

1. For the New Home Owner

Know someone who has a new house or condo? Chances are they are lacking some of the most basic tools for the yard and garden. We suggest that these people will appreciate a Dramm Rainwand, a trowel, a pointed-end shovel, a good pair of by-pass pruners, and an expandable rake. These are the basic tools that anyone with a garden – small or large – will appreciate and use frequently.

2. For the Vegetable Grower

Whether the vegetable grower you know is new to raising edibles, or has been growing their own for awhile, they’ll appreciate these! Diatomaceous Earth is a great organic insecticide that’s useful for protecting newly germinate seedlings in the garden, or keeping the slug and insect damage to a minimum. A soil thermometer is essential for knowing when it’s the ideal time to plant seeds and seedlings. Tomato-tone fertilizer is a great general organic vegetable food, and a timer for their watering makes it possible to soak vegetable plants deeply, turning the water on and off, even when no one is at home.

3. For Those Tending A Yard or Garden

Here are four organic products for everyone’s garage or garden shed shelves. Captain Jack’s is spinosad, good for treating problem larvae. Plant-tone is a great basic fertilizer that can be used on any plant on Cape Cod. Horticultural oil spray is useful for many types of insect problems, and an organic fungicide such as Grower’s Ally treats mildew and leaf-spot on edibles or ornamentals.

4. For the Houseplant Lover

Any houseplant enthusiast will appreciate these, given separately or as a set. Yellow sticky cards are a safe way to control pesky gnats, insecticidal soap is a general go-to for treating insects, a light-weight watering can with a long spout is essential for easy access to water plants, and MaxSea fertilizer is one of our favorites for container plants.

5. For the Seed Starter or Plant Propagator

Do you know someone who is interested in growing more plants from seed? Give them a heat mat for germinating seeds indoors, an organic seed-starting mix, some peat pots, and a few packets of seeds. Our seeds are fresh for 2022 growing, and the lovely packets from Botanical Interest make an attractive gift.

6. For Those Who Need Hope and Growth

Give any plant-lover the gift of starting small. We have a large selection of tiny houseplants in the greenhouse right now. Given a four-inch pot to stretch their roots (be sure the pots have drainage holes) and some good quality potting mix, these plants will more than double their size quickly. If you know someone who needs some signs of hope and growth in their life right now, some small plants are a great gift. And for anyone who is new to houseplants, small plants are a way to explore and expand their collection.

For other gift suggestions, come into the store! And if you want Cape Cod’s Garden Lady, C.L. Fornari, to be your personal gift coach, come into Hyannis Country Garden on December 22nd between 10 and 3 PM. C.L. will be there to give you suggestions about great plants and products for anyone on your gift list. She can put together a gift basket or other collection if desired, and will also be signing and personalizing her books.

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