Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

The Top Ten Reasons to Plant Cabbages and Kales In September:

1. These autumn annuals remain beautiful in the garden well into winter.

2. They take up a lot of room in window boxes and pots so you don’t need many to make a big statement.

3. As the temperatures fall the cabbage and kale plants become even more brilliantly colored.

5. Cabbages and Kale are perfect to plant in the garden around the early flowering perennials that you’ve recently cut down.

6. They look great when tinged with frost and snow.

7. When tilted up at an angle so that they drape over the edges of window boxes and pots, cabbage and kale look like huge flowers.

8. There are several varieties with different colors and leaf-shapes. You can buy large and small pots as well.

9. Cabbages and Kales are very reasonably priced.

10. If we have a mild winter, these plants will continue to grow tall in the spring, turning into plants that will cause your friends and neighbors to ask, “What are those?”

AND they look good with fall flowers as well!

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