Fall Color…Mums and BEYOND!

Fall Color…Mums and BEYOND!

At this time of year many people want to refresh their gardens, pots, and window boxes.  The weather in our seaside region is usually warm well into November after all, so we will enjoy our autumn landscapes through Thanksgiving and beyond.  Although most people commonly think of mums as the fall flower, there are many annuals that will actually be in bloom for a longer period than the chrysanthemums. Calibrachoa (aka Million Bells), Snow Princess Alyssum, and snap dragons will bloom all fall, to name just a few.

Many grasses also provide wonderful color and texture into November, and there are perennials that offer both bloom and foliage color in the fall. Everyone wants more color in their life! Come in and see the rainbow of flowers and foliage that will liven up your landscape.

Mums are fantastic, but don’t stop there!
We’ve frequently have Proven Winners in two sizes in the fall, and many varieties of other small pots of annuals and perennials
The fall cabbages and kales last through Christmas in most years and their colors just intensify as the temperatures drop.

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