Organic Solutions From Bonide

Organic Solutions From Bonide

When our customers have difficulties in their yards and gardens, they want organic solutions. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a range of garden problem-solvers from the Bonide company. Here are just three of  the Bonide solutions that are favorites of our employees and customers.

Horticultural Oil

This is used to smother insects, and can be used either in the dormant season to coat insect eggs, or in the growing season directly onto plant foliage. It’s also a good product for houseplants that have insect problems such as scale or whitefly. Most fruit tree growers apply oil in the early spring before their plants break dormancy, and it’s also useful on plants such as holly that are prone to scale.

Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew

The active ingredient in this product is spinosad, which is a bacteria that kills larvae. It’s our go-to treatment for winter moth, smaller gypsy moths, cabbage butterfly larvae and other leaf-eaters. Spray this on non-flowering plants.

Revitalize Fungicide

This is one of the bio-fungicides that treats with beneficial bacteria. Use Revitalize on plants prone to powdery mildew or other fungal problems. Whenever possible, spray early on either before a plant has a fungal issue, or just as it’s getting started.

We have many other organic problem-solvers from the Bonide company, so come into the store and ask the team in our Garden Department for assistance in finding the right product for your plants.

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