Tips For A Lush, Green Lawn

Tips For A Lush, Green Lawn

Repair bare patches in late spring or early summer.  Rake these areas to remove debris, then scratch the surface of the soil. If your ground is very compact, top dress with a bit of loam or loam mixed with compost, and scatter seed on top of those places. Keep these areas watered so that the soil stays damp while the seeds germinate.

Water lawns deeply less often. Daily or every-other-day irrigation is a prescription for every lawn disease in the book, and it also promotes moss growth.

Mow your lawn 3” or higher through the year. The blades of grass are a plant, and bigger leaf surfaces for photosynthesis create stronger roots and healthier turf.  Additionally, taller plants shade the ground which helps prevent weed seeds from germinating.

Make sure your lawn mower is tuned and the blades are sharpened before the summer mowing season. A dull blade tears grass rather than cutting it, and this is stressful on your turf.

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