Measuring Rain

Measuring Rain

Every yard and garden should have a rain gauge. Whether it’s large or small, decorative or simply functional, it’s important to know how much water Mother Nature has delivered. For most established plants, an inch of rain every seven days is the ideal. When a Northeast garden gets that amount of rain you don’t need to water unless the plants are newly germinated or planted.

A rain gauge gives us valuable information because if recent rainfall has been an inch or more you can leave your irrigation off and the sprinklers in the shed for the next ten days in cool weather, and five to seven days in very hot weather. Be in the know, and gauge your rain!

These rain gauge holders are cleverly designed to look like water faucets. We no longer carry them, but we do have other rain gauges in stock.

You might wonder why some rain gauges show marks for an inch of rain that are well over an inch tall. Those gauges have larger openings on top, so the marks on the holder are larger too. This is because rain gauges measure cubic inches of rain falling on a square inch of soil. So if the top of the gauge is equivalent to a square inch, the marking on the tube will be one inch high. But a measuring device with a larger opening needs to be calibrated so that it’s showing that accurate cubic inch of rainfall. This is why using a tuna can, bucket or wheelbarrow isn’t an accurate way to measure rainfall. You need a rain gauge to know just how many inches of rainfall we truly recieved.

Be sure to have a rain gauge so that you can accurately know how much rain fell. If Mother Nature has delivered an inch or more in a 24 hour period, your plants should be fine for another week. If not, supplement with irrigation.
A rain gauge is a “must-have” tool for any home owner.


  1. debbie harrington on April 7, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    I need to know if I can get replacement glass gauges for the water faucet rain gauge. I have one and live it but the bulb broke and I cannot find one that fits the holder?

    • CLFornari on April 7, 2014 at 4:33 pm

      Since the manufacturer of that item doesn’t supply tubes only, you should try one of the replacements available from several sources. Here’s one on Amazon that is 1″ in diameter – if you measure the holder and think that a one inch tube would fit, this would work. If not, there are several other replacement tubes listed underneath and hopefully one of those would fit: Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube

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