Catnip For Christmas!

Catnip For Christmas!

Why do cats go crazy for catnip? Catnip plants contain the oil “nepetalactone.” When cats smell this it stimulates a pheromone response that triggers feelings of pleasure and even euphoria. Catnip might be a kitty feel-good-drug, but it isn’t harmful or addictive, so don’t worry about giving it to your cat.

Not all cats respond to the plant because sensitivity to nepetalactone is an inherited trait. Have you tried giving a catnip toy to your pet? You might try the Yeowww! line of toys since they are made with organically grown catnip.

While you’re shopping for holiday treats for your cat, consider growing your own catnip next year. Nepeta cataria is an easy, self-seeding perennial to grow in herb gardens or other locations in your yard and garden. You can grow your own catnip easily from seeds planted outdoors in the spring.

Catnip is also a natural insect repellant and can be used in herbal teas for humans.  So even if your cat doesn’t respond, this plant is often included in specialty tea-theme gardens or herb beds.  

This line of catnip toys uses organically grown plants. You can even buy the dried catnip if you want to make your own toys.
Catnip is easy to grow from seed. We still have some packages in the store…the perfect stocking stuffer for a cat owner.
Look for the Santa Paws display in our store where there are all sorts of holiday themed cat and dog toys.
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