A Multi-Use Shrub

A Multi-Use Shrub

Variegated boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘Variegata’) is a lovely landscape plant that you will appreciate twelve months a year. This shrub thrives in full or part-sun and provides great foliage contrast and garden interest. Variegated boxwood is also attractive in a variety of landscape styles from formal to informal.

Although slow growing, this shrub will get around five or six feet tall over time. It can be allowed to grow untrimmed or sheared into more formal shapes. Boxwood mixes well with other shrubs and the variegated leaves are especially attractive when mixed in with plants with dark green or purple foliage.

Those who enjoy making indoor or holiday arrangements in the winter will love this shrub. Variegated boxwood makes bouquets, wreaths, and swags come alive! Once you use this in your holiday décor you’ll want to immediately plant more of these lovely shrubs.

Water newly planted shrubs and trees deeply for at least the first season so that they establish extensive, deep root systems. Note that many automatic irrigation systems aren’t set to go on long enough to water deeply. Check the settings on your system and don’t assume that a twenty-minute watering will keep new plants alive!

Variegated plants are especially attractive next to dark green or purple-leaved shrubs. This is a variegated boxwood, a useful plant in sun to part-shade gardens.

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