Safety and Sanity

Safety and Sanity

People and Plants in the Days of COVID-19

Because we sell plants (not to mention vegetables and seeds for those who want or need to grow their own food, and pet foods for our four-legged family members) Country Garden can remain open during the two week shut-down in Massachusetts.

As we’re hunkering down at home and keeping our contact with others to a minimum, we’re also trying to find ways to stay sane while we remain safe. Despite all the uncertainty and concerns that we experience daily, there are, thankfully, many ways to distract and nurture ourselves. Here are some “plant based” ideas for keeping your spirits high, plus some suggestions of how we can help.

  • Take this opportunity to get a jump on your spring cleanup in the yard. As weather permits, cut down last year’s perennial stalks and rake leaves out of beds and inside hydrangea canes. It’s an especially good time to cut down old ornamental grasses before the new shoots start to grow.
  • Prune white hydrangeas such as the panicle types (Limelight, Pee Gee and Vanilla Strawberry) by removing crossed branches, too long stems and odd shaped growth.
  • As you scroll through the suggestions below, know that we offer curb-side pickup and delivery of all plants and products. Call the store for details: 508-775-8703.
Grow some herbs indoors for a preview of fresh summer flavors. We have herbs in our front greenhouse and more will be arriving in April. Herbs grown inside offer aromatherapy, and inspiration for tasty home-cooking. These can also be planted outside later in May.
Plant a miniture spring garden. Use a pot or a bowl you already have, or ask us to deliver something suitable. You’ll need potting soil, spring plants and, if desired, an ornament to complete the look. (See the next photo for a suggestion!)
This spring garden was planted in a “Revere bowl.” It contains a primrose, some Oxallis (aka shamrocks), two pots of emerging spring bulbs and a primrose. The ornament is a stack of beach rocks, glued together. Bare soil was covered with some moss and lichen that can be found in most Cape Cod yards,
Plant pansies in your garden, window boxes or pots. Pick them up with a curb-side sale or have us deliver the colors of your choice to your doorstep.
Make a terrarium. Our staff can choose small, suitable plants for you or you can come into the greenhouse and pick some for yourself. Find interesting wood, mosses, and stones in your own yard for accents. We can also supply pebbles for the bottom layer and potting soil.
Make a plan for the flowers that you want to grow this summer. Come into the store for seeds. Choose flowers that will make you happy! Sunflowers, zinnias, and nasturtiums are three easy flowers to grow from seed. Plant these seeds directly in the ground in late May.
Plan for which perennials you’d like to add to your garden this spring. As you clear any existing beds, note which spaces need filling and list plants that will flower in assorted months of the year. These are hellebores, and they are either in flower in the winter or early spring depending on the variety.
Start some seeds indoors. Nothing is more life-affirming than checking on which seeds have germinated overnight. It’s the right time to start tomatoes, eggplants, and most perennial flowers. We can help with flats, six packs or pots, and seed-starting soil mix.
Make a new houseplant display indoors. Fill your kitchen island with seasonal flowers. As Easter approaches, we’ll have spirit-lifting plants in abundance, so plan displays in windows, over your kitchen sink, on a mantle or on tables.
If you’ve been thinking of planting a flowering shrub border, rejuvenating your foundation plantings or creating new beds at the end of your driveway, this is the perfect time to plan before you shop. Note that the “Best for Cape Cod” sheets on the Resources section of our website has many suggested plants that do well in this region. (The flowers pictured above are the Cameo variety of flowering Quince.)
If you call the store ahead of time and tell us what you need, we’ll arrange for it to be on a cart and ready to load in your car when you arrive at our store. From birdseed to fertilizer, potting soil to mulch, we’ll have it ready for a curbside pickup.
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