An Indoor Plant for Every Heart

An Indoor Plant for Every Heart

I walked through the front greenhouse at Country Garden the other day because I wanted to be surrounded by the amazing selection of houseplants. I needed a serious dose of growth! That day I noticed that Christina and Marsha were unpacking a new shipment of indoor plants, so of course I had to take a look. There were trays of succulents, ferns and cheerful pink and green Hypoestes, aka polkadot plants. I saw larger rubber plants, a variety of Ficus, that had dark purple leaves, and box of the tropical Anthuriums. These plants and the others in that shipment were worked in with the existing selections in the greenhouse; it occured to me as I looked around that there is a houseplant for every heart and home.

There are plants that don’t need frequent watering, such as the succulents. There are plants that tolerate a wide range of conditions such as the snake plants (Sansevieria), and those like the ferns that appreciate being kept moist. There are indoor plants that flower for a long time and those that don’t flower at all. There are plants that are fragrant and even a few that produce edible fruit. In other words, we can find an indoor plant for just about every situation.

In the winter this is especially gratifying. We can be surrounded by greenery and flowers even as the winter weather keeps things gray and cold outside. With houseplants our homes can be filled with greenery and growth.

Christina and Marsha unpack the newest shipment of plants in the green house. It’s almost like the arrival of an early spring! There are houseplants of all sizes and so many colors in the front greenhouse…our staff is happy to help you find just the right plant for the conditions in your home.

The cylindrical variety of the snake plant comes in several sizes and varieties. Some novelty forms are tied or braided, while others fill a pot with smooth shoots. The snake plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow.

One of my favorite houseplants is the crown-of-thorns, aka Euphorbia milii. Given a sunny window this plant can be in flower 12 months a year. It’s a cheerful plant despite the thorns on the stems.

Anthuriums have long-lasting color and give a house a tropical atmosphere. Put this houseplant with a couple of orchids and a bromeliad or two and you can pretend that you’re in Hawaii.

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