Color To Lift Hearts? You Can Grow That!

Color To Lift Hearts? You Can Grow That!

In the time of year when night falls like a cartoon curtain at 4:30 PM, we need all the cheer we can get. For many this lifting-hearts-and-spirits optimism can be cultivated in the house. Something growing and colorful is just what we need when the days are short. Amaryllis and Paperwhite Narcissus to the rescue!

Amaryllis bulbs can be potted up or purchased already in a pot and soil. Those bulbs you buy are already pre-chilled and are ready to sprout a bloom spike. Either put the bare bulb into a container of good potting soil or start watering your potted bulb.

Here are a couple of hints for success with Amaryllis:

  • Pot them with the top 1/4 to 1/3 of the bulb showing above the surface of the soil. This helps to prevent the bulb from being too wet.
  • Water the plant well when the soil is drying, but don’t keep the soil constantly wet. Never let the pot sit in a saucer or foil covering holding water.
  • Put your Amaryllis in a warm, sunny window as it grows. Once the plant starts to bloom you can move it to a location where the flower will be well displayed, but while it’s developing, and after it’s finished, keep the pot in some sunshine.

Paperwhite Narcissus are also great for quick, easy growth and cheerful flowers. These are bred to be one-shot plants, so don’t try to save them or plant them outdoors in cold areas. Grow them in a vase if you want them to be supported. See C.L. Fornari’s article about growing Paperwhites on her GardenLady website.

These indoor bulbs are fun to watch as they grow so they bring hope and beauty into our homes at the time of year we need it most. Growth and color to lift hearts? You Can Grow That!

Come into the store to see some of the new varieties of amaryllis that are available.

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