Presents With Potential

Presents With Potential

Walking by the rack of seeds today started me thinking about the gift of planting. I realize that when thinking of presents most people’s minds don’t automatically wander to seeds, no matter what the season. Somehow, however, these colorful packets are the perfect gift because they are filled with such potential.

Packages of seed are kind of like vacation brochures: you get to savor the trip well in advance of actually traveling. A group of seed packs can give several months of enjoyment as the recipient anticipates where they’ll be planted and how the plants will grow. Should the Bouquet Cosmos be sown among the perennials or in a cutting garden? Could the Nasturtiums be planted to cascade from a window box instead of the usual ivy or vinca-vine? The possibilities are endless and the planning is part of the pleasure.

What a miracle it is to take a few tiny seeds and produce bouquets of flowers and tables full of food. And what a lovely gift it is, no matter what the occasion, to provide a present that comes with a future.

Seed packets have information on the backs that tell you when to start that type of seed, but indoors and out.
Seed packets can be given in imaginative ways as well. Paint or decorate a clay flower pot to hold the packets or put them in a watering can. Tie seed packs with ribbons onto a trowel or houseplant. Have as much fun with the presentation as you desire.
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