We Love Proven Winners Plants

We Love Proven Winners Plants

It’s always a happy day for our garden center and customers when the Proven Winners shipments arrive. Pots of flowering annuals fill the benches with color, and texture. And because Proven Winners plants have been carefully selected for the qualities that homeowners and gardeners desire, we know that our garden center is also filled with the plants our customers will be successful with.

Proven Winners offers a wide range of colorful annuals that will thrive in your yard and gardens. Choose from plants for sun or shade.

Here are a just a few suggestions for filling your garden or containers this summer.

  1. Add a mix of equal parts time-release fertilizer and an organic fertilizer to the new potting mix in containers or gardens before you plant annuals. Keeping these plants fed so that they continue to grow and bloom is important.
  2. Fill containers with some plants that can grow tall, others that are bushy, and selections that fall over the side. Proven Winners calls these “thrillers, fillers and spillers.”
  3. Plant flowering annuals in groups in the garden. Clusters or puddles of three, five or seven plants will produce a better display than one or two.
  4. Looking for annuals that can withstand going dry? We suggest (in order of low to high) Mecardonia Gold Dust, Mojave Purslane, Superbena, Evolvulus Blue My Mind, Diamond Frost Euphorbia,  and Stratosphere Gaura.
  5. Do you want to have hummingbirds come to your garden or patio? Place Cuphea Vermillionaire in these areas…this easy to grow annual is a hummingbird magnet.
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