To Our Customers, With Appreciation

To Our Customers, With Appreciation

If we claimed 2020 was simply the best,

Most would respond with, “Surely you jest!”

The COVID pandemic has made everything grueling,

Be it shopping or visiting, working and schooling.

Yet as we struggled with masks, loneliness, sanitation,

People managed to find an outdoor celebration.

For despite social distancing and quarantine,

So many have turned to that which is green.

As we went into lockdown, and things became hard

It brought many people out into their yard.

Instead of binging on ice cream or spending time ranting,

They went into their gardens and got busy planting.

They sowed seeds for vegetables, grew shrubs that were fruity,

Planted trees for the future and flowers for beauty.

People coped with the difficulties, bad news and strife,

By turning to growth and what affirms life.

So as the 2020 calendar comes to an end,

We say thank you to customers, neighbors and friends.

You’ve been patient while shopping, though masks are a trial,

We could see in your eyes that you’re offering a smile.

At Hyannis Country Garden, we think you are Royal,

You’ve been thoughtful, supportive, forbearing and loyal.

We raise a toast to our customers, through the whole Commonwealth,

May you have a green, growing New Year, filled with happiness and health.

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