The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch

There are many advantages to shopping at an independent garden center. In particular, we know our customers appreciate the huge variety of plants we offer and our knowledgeable staff. People tell us that they love being able to come in with their landscape problems and find solutions.

They also appreciate that we’re here with a great selection of seasonal plants. We don’t just sell plants in the spring, but have flowers and colorful foliage in stock whenever our customers need a boost, winter, spring, summer and fall.

But recently one of our customers told Amelia another reason for coming into Hyannis Country Garden: good plant juju. “This customer in the annuals section was just so sweet,” Amelia said. “She told me that I’d helped her last year and her plants did so well. Then she wanted me to touch what she was buying this year, just to give the plants some extra good luck. It was so cute.”

We’re a full service garden center: great advice, gorgeous plants, and good luck!

Amelia is here to give customers her personal touch of assistance and good fortune!
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