Pumpkin Totems & Fall Celebrations

Pumpkin Totems & Fall Celebrations

Celebrate the glorious fall with an easy to make harvest decoration. Build a pumpkin totem! At this time of year the garden center is well stocked with all colors of pumpkins, squash and gourds for fall decorating, and stacking some up couldn’t be easier. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get several pumpkins in assorted colors and sizes. The wide, flat types are particularly well suited for placing them on the bottom of the pile. You can use a pumpkin totem as a focal point and group fall plants such as kale and mums around it. To make the totem even higher, put it on a hay bale.
A stack of pumpkins like this needs a heavy rod through the pile to keep it all from falling over. Use a heavy wooden dowel or length of rebar, and plant the end in a heavy pot of dirt or directly into the ground to keep the totem upright.
This short stack was put on two flower pots, one turned upside down and the other placed on the top to form a pedestal. The top pot was filled with dirt and a group of small Heuchera plants were planted around the edge so that they soften the meeting of pot and pumpkin. Small kale are good plants for this use as well. This stack of pumpkins and squash does double duty: it is a seasonal celebration and it hides the spot where a peony was recently cut to the ground in advance of winter. If you’re having a party or event in your landscape this fall, consider totems as a way to dress up the bare spots in the garden!

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