No More Stuff!

No More Stuff!

I helped a customer this morning who came into the store looking for a gift. “I need something for someone who doesn’t want any more stuff,” she said. She isn’t alone. Many of us know people who don’t need additional doodads. Fortunately there are several great alternatives for these folks. Here are a few suggestions:

Paperwhite Narcissus These bulbs are perfect for gifts because they are bred to be one-shot producers. Place a collection of paperwhite bulbs in a pretty dish and add a small package of gravel and you are done. Since the bulbs are made to bloom and then be tossed in the compost there is no pressure for the recipient to try and keep them alive or plant them elsewhere.  

Birdseed Bells A birdseed bell is truly a gift that keeps giving. The recipient doesn’t have to have a birdfeeder, so it’s easy. The bell can be hung in any tree or even from a hook that held a hanging plant in the growing season. It’s a gift for the birds and the person you’ve given it to will enjoy watching the motion and color that birds bring to a garden.  

Cat Grass Does the gift recipient have cats? A pot of Cat Grass, or a package of seeds could be the perfect present. Cats love to nibble these oat/wheat sprouts and the living plants supply essential elements that help a cat’s digestive processes. Cat grass can be combined with a couple of cat toys for a perfect gift for feline fanciers.  

Fresh Herbs Pots of fresh herbs are available in our greenhouse twelve months a year. These can be given as is or placed in decorative baskets or boxes. Those with black thumbs can cut the fresh herbs quickly and use them in omelets, soups, or sprinkled on fish and meats. People who have greener digits will keep such pots of herbs alive for months, enjoying the fragrance and flavor such plants provide.  


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