Growing Perennials In Pots

Growing Perennials In Pots

Peonies are a perennial favorite. Many of our customers love this plant as a landscape plant and cutting flower. But not everyone has enough sun or space to grow them successfully. One solution is to grow them in large pots. That way you can position the containers on a deck or driveway where there’s enough sun, and have all the fragrant flowers you want.

Can you leave pots of perennials outside in the winter? The answer is a solid “it depends.”   You’ll need to use a large container that won’t crack and break…the bigger the better. You’ll also need to know what USDA planting zone you’re in.

The general rule of thumb is that perennials left in pots outside in the winter need to be hardy two zones colder than where you live.  Peonies are hardy in zone 2, so anyone living in zone 4 and above should be able to leave large pots of this plant outside and have them live. Naturally, the warmer the winter the better the plants will survive. If in doubt, pull your potted perennials into an unheated shed or garage for the coldest months. Remember to check on them every couple of weeks to see if the soil is getting dry. Pull the pots outside before the plants break dormancy in the spring.

Need advise about where to grow your perennial plants? Come into the store & talk to us!

The peonies in these large plastic pots stayed in the containers for seven years before they needed transplanting. The soil was amended annually with a light application of organic fertilizer and an inch of compost on top of the soil.

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