Front Yard Seating

Front Yard Seating

Most of us live in our backyards, and we tend to place decks, patios and seating areas there. Some are blessed to have farmer’s porches or other front-of-the-house seating, but this isn’t the norm. Yet on many properties, seating in the front yard should be considered. Many of our Cape Cod neighborhoods are attractive, and the view from the front can be charming. Some houses have extensive or mature plantings near the street making their front yard as private as any rear spaces, while other people see that the cool, shady spots are in the front of their house. And some are fortunate enough to have a water view or other vista just out their front door.

July is a great month to revisit the areas of your property that might be especially lovely, shady or enjoyable. If that space is in the front, consider making a patio or other seating area there.

John Sullivan created a semi-private space with large containers in front of his house.

This gardener chose to surround the front seating area with a small picket fence.

A seating area can be added to one side of the path to the door…

This small seating area was added to one side of the front door so the gardener could sit and enjoy the flowers on a regular basis.

Look at the front of your house and think about ways you might want to use this space more frequently!

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