Fall Celebrations

Fall Celebrations

Now that the fall Equinox has passed so the temperatures are cooler, the days are shorter, and the cold season will soon be upon us. Rather than focus on the inevitable winter, however, it’s important to celebrate autumn, one of the most glorious times to be on Cape Cod. Here are a few suggestions for observing the harvest season:

  • Dry a hydrangea bouquet. Our beloved blue hydrangeas have taken on their purple-to-green fall coloring and are perfect for drying at this time of year. Simply cut them in the morning, strip off all leaves, and place the stems in a vase with an inch of water. As the water is absorbed by the plants, don’t replace it…the flowers will dry beautifully. Keep the dried flowers away from direct sunlight for the longest lasting color.
  • Make a fall wreath. We’re holding a fall wreath workshop on Satruday October 17th at 1 PM. We supply leaves, dried flowers  and other materials, but those who wish to also use hydrangea flowers should bring them in from their own shrubs. (Note: pick hydrangea flowers that Saturday morning only…they must be fresh to put on a wreath.) Register in advance – cost of workship is $30.00
  • Make a pumpkin totem. A stack of pumpkins is easy to make and beautiful on a porch or next to the front walkway. Pick up several pumpkins of a variety of colors, large to small. It helps if the lower pumpkins are the type that are flat on top. Use a round, orange one for the very top. Stacks that are more than three pumpkins high benefit from having a thin metal stake pushed through (use a hammer) to make the pile more stable.
  • Pick a Bouquet-of-the Day. Most Cape gardens still have an abundance of flowers at this time of year. From roses and annuals to mums and Montauk daisies, there are many flowers that can be picked through the month of October. Celebrate the fall season by picking a small bouquet every day. Place these in vases or bottles, or tie them with a ribbon and give them away. Someone wise once said, a bouquet a day keeps the blues away!
  • Make fall pesto. Pesto doesn’t have to be made of basil. Cut any greens from your garden. Chard, kale, parsley, nasturtiums (including the flowers) and arugula are all delicious in pesto. Add fresh or roasted garlic, olive oil and Parmesan cheese and serve on pasta, fish or vegetables.
Ingredients for a fall pesto can be found in Cape Cod vegetable gardens into mid-October. In fact, many veggies and herbs even last through several frosts. Make pesto with basil, arugula, kale, mustard, and other garden greens.
Celebrate the harvest and the magic you felt as a child.
Celebrate the harvest and the magic you felt as a child.

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