Dogs and Thunder Fear

Dogs and Thunder Fear

Having recently experienced thunderstorms and fireworks displays, the distress these loud, booming noises causes their dogs is on many of our customers’ minds. Some dogs tremble, some drool, and others try to hide. Occasionally a dog will even become destructive as he or she attempts to dig or chew their way out of what is perceived as a dangerous situation. Our Assistant Purchasing Manager (and dog lover), Tracy Monroe, has first hand experience with this problem, and offers a solution that has worked for her.

“We have two German Shepherds. Sophie is 8 and Jazzmine is going to be 10 in November,” Tracy says. “Recently we’ve had lots of thundershowers and on the Cape, and there can be fireworks set off throughout the summer. One of my dogs is very scared when this happens; she goes into the closet to hide, and shakes.” Jazzmine, who is commonly called “Jazz,” is a large, beautiful dog who looks capable of handling just about any difficult situation. But thunder has always made her uneasy, to put it mildly. In the past Tracy tried a special jacket that is designed to make dogs feel swaddled and secure, but that didn’t work for her dog. Fortunately, she’s found something that is effective.

“What I found works for Jazz is the ZEN-PEN,” Tracy explains. ” This is a transdermal, hemp extract gel that has CBDs to help calm the dog. What I like about this is that you don’t have to guess on the dosing, so you know that you’re giving the dog the right amount. You put it on the skin of the dog’s inner ear and the active ingredient, CBD, goes right into the bloodstream.”

CBD products are now legal to sell in all states, for both human and animal use. Increasing numbers of veterinarians are recommending the use of CBD’s for dogs that are anxious or have mobility issues.

Recently Tracy had a chance to experience just how effective CBD in the ZEN-PEN was for her dog. “A couple of weeks ago we had some fireworks in our neighborhood,” Tracy recalls, ” so when Jazz went into the bathroom to hide, I followed her there and used the ZEN-PEN. Ten minutes later the fireworks were still going on, but Jazz came out of the bathroom to hang out with us in the living room. Before we started using the ZEN-PEN she’d be hiding in the bathroom for as long as any fireworks continued.”

Tracy with her two dogs, Jazz and Sophie.

The ZEN-PEN is available in doses for dogs or cats. Come into the store to see this and other CBD products for pets.

Jazzmine relaxes with some favorite toys.


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