What Fertilizer Should I Use?

What Fertilizer Should I Use?

We frequently hear our customers ask about what fertilizer they should use, so I asked a few staff members to recommend their favorites. Here are their picks for lawns, planting, houseplants and established gardens.

Lawn/Turf Fertilizer recommended by Chris Stokes, Garden Department Manager: Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food

Chris Stokes likes the Espoma All Season Organic Lawn Food because it’s got the beneficial mycorrhizae and can be used spring or fall.

Established Landscape and Gardens Fertilizer recommended by Marsha Potash, Experienced Gardener and Greenhouse Manager: Pro Gro from North Country Organics

Marsha grows all types of plants in her West Barnstable gardens, and she uses Pro Gro on everything. She likes it because she says “The price is right and it’s a great product.” Marsha uses it for flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer recommended by Lily Ainsworth, Houseplant/Greenhouse Department: Neptune’s Harvest (“The one with the blue label.”)

Lily’s pick for houseplants is the Neptune’s Harvest fish and seaweed emulsion. She says “Don’t be afraid of the slight odor…it dissipates within about 30 minutes.”

Fertilizer for Planting New Shrubs and Perennials recommended by Lucas Benson, Perennial Department: Bio-tone Starter Plus for planting.

Lucas likes Bio-tone as a starter plant food for planting shrubs, trees, and perennial plants. It’s organic and super-charged with mycorrhizae which help plants absorb nutrients.

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