Mulch Myths

There are many reasons to mulch your beds, but there are also several myths and misunderstandings about this practice. This post addresses six of the most common mulching myths.

A Pussy Willow Tree Tale

Sometimes we just need a reminder that spring is truly just around the corner.

Growing Peppers on Cape Cod

It's time to plant pepper seeds indoors and to make a plan for which peppers to grow in your Cape Cod garden. We offer 10 tips for success.

When Do You Repot a Plant?

How do you know that a plant needs to be put in a new pot? Here are the signs that a plant needs a larger pot or fresh potting soil.

How To Grow Plants From Seed – 10 Tips

Here are 10 tips for being successful with growing plants from seeds. Whether you're growing plants from seed inside or out, we're here to help.

Houseplant Pests

scale, mites and mealy, oh my! This is the time of year when pests become noticeable on houseplants. You might be seeing leaves turning yellow, or looking dirty on the undersides. Maybe you’re noticing webs, or stickiness on the plants or surfaces around the pots. You might even be seeing the insects themselves as the…

Attract The Birds, Not The Critters

If you want to attract the birds but discourage critters, this post will help. 5 tips for keeping rats away, and 7 ideas for dealing with squirrels.

Moss Myths and Misunderstandings

Do you think that moss is a problem? One of Country Garden's lawn experts, Dekes, urges you to regard moss as an indicator, and C.L. encourages you think of it as Cape Cod emeralds.

Did You Know?

A walk around the garden center in January brings all sorts of fun facts to mind. From insects loving yellow to how seeds germinate and how to get citrus fruit indoors...

Helping Houseplants in January

Here are 9 tips for keeping your indoor plants healthy and creating joyful interior displays with houseplants.

Poinsettia Plants: Save It Or Say Goodbye?

If you're interested in keeping a poinsettia plant from year-to-year, here are some tips for success...along with the permission not to do it!

Your Smart Phone As A Garden Tool

Learn how to use your smart phone as a garden journal, for possible plant identification, and even as a way to remind your spouse about the hazards of hydrangea pruning!

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