Bulbs, Bunnies and Bambi

Critters digging up your bulbs? Did something cut off your tulip flowers, or are the bunnies and deer eating them? We have answers.

Be In The Know About Fall Planting

When shopping for plants in the fall, use a list of your goals as a guide. Do you need natives, ground cover, perennials or shrubs for birds?

Can I Prune or Cut Back This Plant Now?

Wondering if you can cut your shrubs and trees back in the fall? It depends on how much you want to trim. Your pruning questions answered.

Fall Hydrangea Care

Your questions about removing brown hydrangea flowers, cutting hydrangeas back, pruning panicle hydrangeas, how to help hydrangea shrubs now.

End of Summer in the Flower Garden

We answer customers' questions about brown Hydrangea flowers, fall annuals, collecting flower seeds, and unopened Rose of Sharon buds.

Creating Outdoor Spaces for Respite

Here are 7 ideas for easily making outdoor rooms for reading, mediation, writing, art or other creative activities. Restoration gardens!

Q & A From the August Happy Hour

We answer questions about transplanting Hydrangeas, pruning butterfly bush, and renovation of red twig dogwood and more.

Backyard Fun With Kids and Plants

Your garden and backyard are filled with materials for creative projects that children and adults enjoy. Use these ideas for outdoor activities.

Dry Gardens Q & A

Our customers ask about their drying lawns, wilted shrubs, brown hydrangea flowers, and how they can help their plants recover from drought.

Instant Improvements for Entertaining Areas

There are a number of options for creating instant outdoor rooms for entertaining and personal relaxation. Here are some garden getaway ideas.

Perennial Gardens in Late July

Late July is the time for some quick perennial garden maintenance: keep your flower garden in top shape into the fall.

Mid-Summer Container Tweaks and Hacks

The pots and boxes that Cape Cod gardeners fill in May often take on a life of their own as the summer goes on. Some plants grow gangbusters, to the point of overwhelming others in the same container. Other plants may slow down their flower production, or be producing flowers at the ends of their…

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