Fall Clean Up and Perennial Q&A

This post answers questions about fall clean up and perennial garden maintenance. Pruning hydrangeas, cutting back perennials and other fall tasks explained

Fall Perennial Garden Wrap-Up

Before you clear out a perennial garden for the winter, evaluate it and make notes. This provides a plan of action for a more beautiful garden next year.

How To Plant Garlic

Garlic is an easy crop to grow on Cape Cod and October is the time for planting. Here are directions about planting depth, distance apart and mulching.

Severe Drought!

Cape Cod is still in a severe drought in early October of 2020 and plants are wilted or stressed. Here are steps you can take to help your plants.

Successful Fall Planting

Whether you're planting shrubs, trees, perennials or autumnal annuals this fall, regular watering and attention to the coming winter will ensure success.

In The Fall, Think Spring!

Here are some tips for planting bulbs this fall that will bring you pleasure now and in the spring. Tulips, daffodils, crocus and others provide pure joy.

What To Do With Amaryllis Now

On Cape Cod, Amaryllis should be left out through September and brought into a cool location to rest sometime in October.

Bringing Plants Inside

We answer your questions about when to bring houseplants indoors, whether to repot or fertilize, and how to control insects.

Fall Lawn Renewal

Fall the ideal time to renew a lawn, and Country Garden's organic lawn expert, Dekes, tells you how to fertilize, top-dress, and seed in September.

Improving Flowering Containers at Summer’s End

From cutting back and fertilizing, to topdressing or replanting, there are several ways to refresh your containers at the end of summer.

Shrub and Tree Care in the Middle of August

Watch for leaf-spot fungus and gray mold, water shrubs and trees deeply less often, and routinely cut off vines such as greenbrier and bittersweet.

Tomato Troubles & Triumphs

Black scabs on the bottom, yellowing leaves, giant green worms, and critters that steal your fruit: Here are some tomato problems and their solutions.

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