Questions From Our Herb Happy Hour

Here the herb questions that we didn't have time to answer last week. Learn about curry plants, lavender pruning and more.

What To Do With My Amaryllis?

Learn what to do with amaryllis bulbs after they finish flowering indoors. Read how to keep amaryllis bulbs from year to year successfully.

Notable Natives: The Oakleaf Hydrangea

A notable Cape native is the oakleaf hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia: It brings flowers, fall color, and lovely form to your garden.

Fertilizing Houseplants

February is the perfect time to consider how to best fertilize your houseplants. Learn when and how to fertilize and which products are best.

Planning Paths

Designing paths for your landscape or gardens is a matter of considering placement and function, then maintenance, materials and appearance.

Repotting A New Houseplant

Here are suggestions for repotting a new houseplant. New containers are attractive and help a houseplant grow larger.

Easy Plants To Grow From Seed

One of the most satisfying and economical ways to grow plants is to start them from seed. Here are tips for seeds that are easy on Cape Cod.

Growing Citrus Indoors

If you are currently growing citrus indoors, or want to try it, here are some tips for success for growing lemons, limes and calamondin fruit

New Houseplants For A New Year

Let us recommend a mood-lifter: houseplants. Bringing green and growing plants into our homes makes us feel better, and stimulates creativity.

To Our Customers, With Appreciation

We raise a toast to our customers, through the whole Commonwealth, May you have a green, growing New Year, filled with happiness and health.

Supporting Birds In Winter ~ part 2

The Hyannis Country Garden bird department has seveal products for helping the birds in the winter, from birdbath heaters to hot meats.

Food and Shelter for Birds

Feeding the birds, and providing shelter in winter will help them survive. Here are suggestions for food, plants and landscape practices.

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