Notable Natives: American Wintergreen

One of the plants that’s easiest to find in the garden center in the winter is Gautheria procumbens, aka eastern teaberry, checkerberry, or American wintergreen. It’s available around Christmas because it’s sold as a holiday plant that many use in window boxes or porch pots. The red berries are bright and the foliage is a…

6 Gift Suggestions

At Hyannis Country Garden we're here to help you cross things off your to-do list, be they plant or people related. For those who are still pondering what to give certain folks, we have six gift suggestions.

Caring For Cyclamen Plants

One of the most colorful indoor plants for winter decorating is the Cyclamen. Here's how to keep yours flowering for as long as possible.

Hellebores: The Christmas Rose

In addition to the Cyclamen, Poinsettias and Amaryllis that fill our greenhouse at this time of year, we also get in pots of hellebores. Helleborus niger, commonly called the Christmas rose, is one of the few perennials that flowers in the winter on Cape Cod. Their flowers range from green to white, and because what…

Decorate For The Birds

You can create outdoor decorations that do double duty: decorations for the holidays, and feeding the birds. See how to use suet cages or make pine cone ornaments decorate trees, wreaths and swags.

Is That Fuzzy Moss Killing My Trees?

That fuzzy growth on your trees isn't moss, it is lichen, and it's doing no harm. Read why some trees have more lichen than others.

Paperwhites! Growing Narcissus Indoors.

Six tips for growing paperwhite Narcissus indoors. Learn about great containers, watering, and supporting flopping stems.

We Love Amaryllis!

Here are 10 tips for growing the most beautiful indoor amaryllis on Cape Cod. Read about potting, staking and keeping these bulbs from year to year.

Dealing With Storm Damage on Cape Cod

Do you have plants damaged by the Cape Cod nor'easter? Here are some steps for repair and cleanup.

Keeping Dahlias For Next Year

As we inch toward our first hard frost, It's time to decide if you want to keep your Dahlia tubers for next season or not. If you want to keep Dahlias for next season, here are the steps for doing so

8 Tips for Fall Garden Cleanup

Fall landscape cleanup isn't an "all or nothing" situation. Learn why some garden maintenance is required in autumn, while other tasks could be put off until spring.

Preparing for Winter Protection

Wondering which plants need protection from the cold winter temperatures? Read about mulches, burlap and Wilt Pruf plant protecting spray.

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