Dry Soil and the Cape Cod Garden

As I write this blog post, it’s a sunny 81 degrees and very windy. We haven’t had significant rain for sometime, and according to the latest Cape Cod landscape message from the UMASS Cooperative Extension, our soils are dry. “Precipitation fell on June 27/28 and July 2 amounting to just under an inch (0.91”). Soil…

Mid-Summer Rose Questions

“My shrub roses have stopped flowering…how do I get them to bloom again?” Shrub roses often put out a burst of flowers in mid-to-late June, but after that take a short break. If you do nothing, most of these will start to produce new growth again soon, but you can hasten the process in a…

A Flowering Shrub Border

One of the most satisfying gardens to plant is a flowering shrub border. With a mix of the right shrubs, you can flowers from late winter into the fall. Shrub borders can be tall enough to provide privacy, or short enough for a foundation planting or making a background for perennials. And best of all,…

An Abundance of Bunnies

There are an abundance of bunnies on Cape Cod. Here are tips for co-existing peacefully with these cute cottontails.

Shrubs For Shady Places on Cape Cod

There are many shrubs that will grow well in shade on Cape Cod, especially if the location either gets a couple of hours of direct sun, or dappled sun through trees during the course of the day. Most shade-tolerant shrubs actually do best if they are receiving a little sun at some point. Blue mophead…

Hydrangea Pleasures and Problems

Care and Questions in Early June Our customers have many questions about Hydrangeas, so a Q&A about Cape Cod’s favorite shrub is timely throughout the year. Here are some of the concerns that we’re hearing about right now. “Where’s the best place in the yard to plant blue Hydrangeas?” The best location for a blue…

Early June FAQ

Our customers have questions, and we have answers! From Hydrangea flower color or planting in June to identifying poison ivy, our staff can help.

Plant a Tea Garden

Theme gardens are enjoyable to plan, plant and maintain, and many are installing herb or cutting gardens for cooking and bouquets. Another theme garden that many enjoy is a tea garden.

Spring Hydrangea Help

Whether you're looking for new Hydrangea varieties, wanting to know how to prune your existing plants, or troubleshooting your Annabelle Hydrangeas, we've got tips and answers!

Creating Pollinator Pathways on Cape Cod

There are many ways to support pollinators on Cape Cod. Here are just a few of the plants that thrive in our gardens.

Rose Basics for May – 10 Tips for Success

It's never been easier to grow roses. Here are ten tips for planting and maintaining roses on Cape Cod.

Container Gardening ~ 12 Tips for Success

You can grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees in pots. Here are 12 tips for success for container gardening.

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