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How To Get Rid of Insects on Houseplants

If the leaves or area around your houseplants is sticky, or if you see bugs, webs, white dust or other signs of insects, you've got a pest problem.

Pruning Questions

Our customers ask, "How do I prune my white, panicle hydrangeas?" and "How do I prune my climbing roses?" Here are guidelines for pruning.

Houseplants Are HOT!

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, houseplants have become very popular, and there is a plant for every room of your house!

Can I Plant In Winter?

Our customers are asking if it’s possible to put plants in the ground in the wintertime. “Can I plant in January?” So far the weather has been very mild this winter, and the ground isn’t frozen, so this question is understandable. The answer is, it depends. If the shrubs or trees that you want to…

Taking Care of Moth Orchids

Many of our customers ask "How do I take care of my moth orchid?" These plants are in the genus Phalaenopsis, and are easy to care for.

How To Care For Your Holiday Plants

Wondering how to take care of your cyclamen, poinsettia, cypress, hellebore or other holiday plant? Country Garden is here to help!

We Wish You A Green 2020!

From all the staff at Hyannis Country Garden, we hope that your New Year is filled with flowers, foliage, and the joy that plants bring to our lives.

The Perfect Present Gift List

Country Garden Makes Your Holiday Shopping Easier If you think that a garden center is the place to go to find gifts for gardeners, you’re certainly correct. But it’s also the place to solve your gift-giving problems. Know someone who’s hard to shop for? Need a present for someone who already has everything? Have we…

Holiday Decorating for Birds

At Country Garden we love wild birds, so our custom department is creating Christmas decorations that festively adorn your property and feed the birds!

How To Make A Boxwood Tree

Here is a tutorial for making boxwood trees in Oasis.

Catnip For Christmas!

Give your kitty some catnip for Christmas, or plan to grow some next season.

A Living Tree for Christmas

Should you have a living tree indoors this year at Christmas? Here are the tips for success so that your tree will live for years to come.

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