5 Tips for Early Season Fertilizing

If you’re wondering how to fertilize your plants in late-May, here are some pointers for Cape Cod gardeners. Most landscape plants are best fertilized with an organic fertilizer. Shrubs, trees and perennials seldom need the “fast food” of a synthetic fertilizer, and the slow release of nutrients that organics offer works in a way that…

14 Fantastic Shrubs for Foundation Plantings

When planting shrubs around a foundation of your house, it’s smart to think of three things: foliage, flowers and the future. We focus on foliage because in most such beds it’s good to have a mix of some plants that keep their leaves all year (evergreens) and some (deciduous) that drop leaves in the winter.…

Choosing Plants For Window Boxes

In the old days, window boxes and pots got filled zonal geraniums (Pelargoniums), some variegated trailing vinca (Vinca minor) and perhaps some “spikes” (Dracaena). Although all of those plants are still available for people who want them, there are scores more to choose from. In fact, there are so many annuals and tropicals available that…

Grow A Rose Garden

Roses are one of the most popular plants on Cape Cod. Here are tips for successfully choosing, planting and growing roses.
herbs and flowers growing in raised beds made of wood

How To Plant An Herb Garden

Personally, I find it very difficult to cook without fresh herbs. I’m thrilled when the chives poke up in April and I can start picking out of the herb garden once again. But herb’s aren’t just for cooking and flavorful food…they are wonderful in beverages, from teas to cocktails or garnishes in sparkling water. And…

Notable Natives: Buttonbush

Sugar Shack buttonbush is a variety of our native Cephalanthus occidentalis that doesn't get too large but supports pollinators.

We Love Proven Winners Plants

It’s always a happy day for our garden center and customers when the Proven Winners shipments arrive. Pots of flowering annuals fill the benches with color, and texture. And because Proven Winners plants have been carefully selected for the qualities that homeowners and gardeners desire, we know that our garden center is also filled with…

Why Organic Fertilizers?

The beauty of organic fertilizers is that they feed plants slowly, which is usually a good thing. This is how nature provides nutrients after all, and we’re usually better off when emulating how plants grow in the natural world. Why do organics feed slowly? Because natural organic fertilizers are not immediately available to plants. They…

Tips For A Lush, Green Lawn

Here are some tips for starting and growing a lush, green lawn: start with Jonathan Green grass seed, & good mowing, watering, and repairing bare patches.

Organic Solutions From Bonide

When our customers have difficulties in their yards and gardens, they want organic solutions. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a range of garden problem-solvers from the Bonide company. Here are just three of  the Bonide solutions that are favorites of our employees and customers. Horticultural Oil This is used to smother insects, and can…
Japanese painted fern has silver, purple and pink in the leaves.

5 Great Shade Perennials For Cape Cod

Shade gardens emphasize the leaf colors and textures, with a few flowers thrown in for pleasure.

5 Great Perennials For Sunny Cape Cod Gardens

Here are five sun-loving perennials for gardens on Cape Cod that are reliable and easy to grow. From short to tall, you'll love these plants!

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