Proven Winners

Proven Winners

At Hyannis Country Garden we have one of the largest selections of Proven Winners on Cape Cod. These annuals are wonderful for containers and gardens, and many of our customers save the tags from year to year so that they can remember which ones they used in the past. Other people take photos of the plants they like and bring those pictures into the garden center so that we can steer them to the right plants.

Like all plants, our Proven Winners annuals do best when planted in the right location. Some plants need full sun to thrive and others do better in shade or part shade. Before choosing plants for your garden, window boxes or patio, notice how much sun the area gets over the course of one full day. Our staff can then point you to the plants that will grow and bloom best in your circumstances.

Note that most annuals, the Proven Winners plants included, are heavy feeders. We find that they do well when given a higher percentage of nitrogen, and we mix a time-release fertilizer with equal parts of an organic fertilizer into the ground or container before planting. This combination feeds the plants all summer.

As we prepare to celebrate colorful annuals on Proven Winners Weekend, we also want to help a non-profit organization that is a Proven Winner For Cape Cod. The winning organization will receive a Proven Winners Makeover, annuals and perennials, planted by the staff at Hyannis Country Garden.  Learn more about this contest by clicking here, and download an entry form here.

Join us for Proven Winners Weekend on June 9 and 10.

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