Personalized Garden Consultations

At Hyannis Country Garden we understand how valuable it can be to have “another set of eyes” on many landscape situations. In order to meet the needs of professional landscapers and home gardeners, we offer an on-site consultation service to help with all of your landscaping concerns.

Garden Design
Whether you’re starting from scratch or revitalizing/adding to what is already in place, we’ll help you to have the look and level of maintenance you desire. Our consultant will come to evaluate the site, discuss specific concerns and needs, and prepare a hand-drawn plan that is left with you.

Plants are chosen based on reliability and suitability for the site given your preferences. A couple of different plant options may be given for some locations so there is a choice between two equally suitable varieties; this is especially helpful when the plants suggested are unfamiliar, or when specified varieties aren’t available.

 Plant Identification, Garden Maintenance & Problem Solving
Many people inherit landscapes when a house is purchased, or have forgotten what was planted in years past. A consultation is helpful for identifying the plants that are in your landscape.

A consultation can also address the needs of the annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees you have. We will explain how to keep your plants looking their best. Insect, disease and cultural problems can be identified and treatment options given when needed. For this type of consultation it works well for the homeowner to take notes or record the consultation for later playback.

Details and Pricing
Typical consultations last about an hour to an hour-and-a-half.  Charge is $100.00 per hour. A one-hour travel charge is added if the property is outside of the towns of Barnstable or Yarmouth. Minimum fee is $100.00 – all consultation costs are payable at the end of the visit by cash or check. For more information or to schedule a consultation please call the store. The Country Garden consultation service is provided by C.L. Fornari. Other staff members are also available on request.

Pond and Water Garden Consultations
For homeowners or landscape professionals who need detailed advice about pond installation or maintenance we offer one-on-one consultations with Mike Preston, Cape Cod’s leading expert in ponds and water-garden expert. Mike has worked with ponds, fish, and aquatic features for over 33 years. A one hour consultation in our store is $150.00 per hour. On-site consultations are $200.00 per hour. All personal consultations are available by appointment only. Please call Mike Preston to set up an appointment. 508-775-8703

In-Store Design Help
Our staff is always willing to help with design issues and questions that arise when planting a landscape. In-store consultations are done without charge but it’s advisable to make a set appointment so that we will have enough time to help you with design and choosing the best plants. Know that the best time to come in for design help is in the afternoon after 3 whenever possible. In order to make good use of everyone’s time, a photo of the area in question, the measurements of the place where you want to plant, and a good knowledge of how and when the sun hits that space is helpful. Photos on smart phones and iPads are difficult to see outdoors, so a printed photo is especially appreciated!