The Perfect Present Gift List

The Perfect Present Gift List

Country Garden Makes Your Holiday Shopping Easier

If you think that a garden center is the place to go to find gifts for gardeners, you’re certainly correct. But it’s also the place to solve your gift-giving problems. Know someone who’s hard to shop for? Need a present for someone who already has everything? Have we got suggestions for you!

For Those Who Are Classic but Creative

Black and white is a classic combo that fits in with all interiors, from traditional to modern.  These ceramic tumblers take timeless and add a twist of the unexpected…they are slightly contorted so that they fit the hand beautifully. They can be used for beverages, as small vases, or as a pencil/pen holder on a desk.

Small: $5.99  Large: $7.99

For The Discerning Sweet Tooth

They love sweets, but want their treats to be “worth the calories.” These artisanal caramels are made in Southern Vermont  at Big Picture Farm. As they say on their website, “Our award-winning goat milk caramels and farmstead cheeses are made with fresh, raw, creamy goat’s milk from our herd of 40 healthy and happy, free-ranging companions.”

From $11.99 to $24.99

For The Person Who Doesn’t Need More Stuff

Yes, they love their home and yard and it’s filled with treasured items. So give them the pleasure of watching the birds flock to a nearby tree, lamppost or arbor in the winter. This wreath-form suet feeder holds pre-made balls of suet and seed. Fill the entire form, or add the balls one at a time. Suet is a favorite of woodpeckers, bluebirds and other “bug eaters” and the high-fat sustains them in cold weather.

Ball Feeder: $14.99  Suet Balls: $7.99 and $14.99 per package

For The Dog Lover

For those who get pleasure from their canine companions, these dog treats are sure to please, especially if Fido is anxious or older. Many veterinarians are recommending CBD for a variety of pet problems, so we stock treats and oils specifically for dogs and cats.

Suzie’s CBD Treats: $19.99

A Gift To Say “Welcome to Cape Cod”

After longing to live here for years, they’ve finally moved to the Cape full time. Welcome them with a made-in-Chatham ornament crafted from bay scallop shells. Locally made by Nick Nickerson, a commercial fisherman who was diagnosed with throat cancer a decade ago, which forced him to take a break from fishing.  To stay busy, Nick started making shell mirrors out of the sea scallop shells, which are normally discarded at sea.  In 2017, Nick found another use for the sea scallop shells creating these elegant ornaments.  The silhouettes are cut out with a water laser jet. They come in a variety of designs and can be hung on a front door, in a window, or on a Christmas tree.

Scallop Shell Ornament: $29.99

Aromatherapy Needed, STAT!

Know someone who has been through difficult times, or lives an extremely busy life? They need to inhale some natural, healing scents! Give them a lavender or rosemary plant for their sunny window. Both can be used in cooking or snipped and placed next to the bed or into a hot bath. These topiaries offer a big breath of relaxation.

Lavender: $24.99 Rosemary: $29.99

They’ve Said Let’s Plant A Vegetable Garden!”

Your friend or adult children have mentioned that this spring they want to grow vegetables. Encourage them with this group of seed-starting supplies. The warming mat can be used year after year to assist with germination of seeds or rooting of cuttings. Pair it with some starting trays and a few packages of seed, and they’ll be off and growing.

Heat Mat: $29.99  Seed Starter Tray: $12.99  Seeds: $1.79 and up

They Love The Right Tool For The Job

We all know that the right tool makes any job easier and faster, so give the person who does their own pruning a Silky Saw. These are simply the sharpest, best saws for home or professional use. Plus they fold to fit in a pocket or tote!

Small Silky Saw: $39.99 Medium: $44.99

For the Houseplant Fanatic

It’s wonderful to see that houseplants are hot! From college students to residents of assisted-living apartments, people understand that indoor greenery improves their quality of life. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s had a green thumb for years or the houseplant newbie, this fertilizer is sure to please. It’s all purpose and a staff favorite here at Hyannis Country Garden. 

MaxSea Fertilizer: $19.99

They Can’t Eat Much Sugar

Everyone loves a treat, but many need to avoid too much sugar. These cashews are from Georgia, and are a rich indulgence that are satisfying for dessert or a snack. Choose from three flavors.

High Cotton Company Cashews: $7.99

For Easy And Neat Bird Feeding 

Here is a great gift for people who love feeding the birds but don’t want to store or scoop bulk seed. The cage can be hung or attached outside and the block of seed easily dropped in as needed. There are several types of cakes available that appeal to a range of birds. Perfect for condo or apartment dwellers who don’t have much storage space. These are easy-peasy and very pleasey.

Cake Holder: $10.99 Seed Cakes $9.99

For Someone Who Needs A Touch of Whimsy

Know someone who needs a smile? These small pots are fanciful and so completely charming that they’ll brighten the gift recipient’s day. They can be used for growing small succulents or air plants, or to hold colorful feathers, a pretty seedpod or other found treasures.  

Quirky Small Pots: $7.99 up to $29.99

Join us at Hyannis Country Garden on Thursday December 19th for our “Local and Last Minute Shopping Night” – we’ve gathered selected local artists, craftspeople and authors who will be here from 3 to 6 PM. We’ll have music and a wine tasting to make your gift-shopping even more pleasurable. So whether you are looking for the perfect present for others or yourself, come in with your list for a festive, mall-free experience!

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