Still Time To Take Cuttings

Still Time To Take Cuttings

Since we haven’t had a frost yet it’s still possible to take some cuttings of your favorite annuals and perennials. For easy propagation you’ll need some rooting cubes (see photo), rooting hormone, plastic trays to hold your cubes and cuttings, and a sharp knife.

1. Cut pieces of the plants you wish to propagate that are around 3 or 4 inches tall. Most people are tempted to take cuttings that are over 6 inches and this isn’t wise because there is usually too much stem and too many leaves to keep alive before the roots form. You’ll have greater success with smaller pieces.

2. Get your rooting cubes damp according to directions. If you’re using the Dyna-Grow K-L-N mix that into the soaking water according to the directions on the bottle. Place wet cubes into a clean, plastic seed tray.

3. Remove the lower leaves on your cuttings leaving only a couple of small leaves on the top. If there are fewer leaves to lose moisture, they are more likely to live and root quickly.

4. Make a clean cut with the sharp knife just below the lowest leaf node. This is the place where the leaves attached to the stem, and for most plants that’s where the first roots will grow. Dip the bottom inch of the cutting in rooting hormone and stick it in the cube.

5. Loosely cover the tray of cuttings with clear plastic and place it in a location that is brightly lit but not in direct sun. Check moisture level frequently – don’t let the cubes sit in standing water but don’t let them dry out either. When the plants are rooted you’ll either see the roots or notice that the cuttings have “perked up” and are starting to grow. At this point plant them into small pots with good potting soil and place them in a sunny window.

Propagating plants by taking cuttings is easy. Come into the store for supplies.

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