Easy Steps to Starting a Raised Bed on Cape Cod

Easy Steps to Starting a Raised Bed on Cape Cod

Easy Steps to Starting a Raised Bed on Cape Cod

June 7, 2013

I have been working at this garden center for over 17 years.  I have lived in my house with a very big yard for over 10 years.  You would think I would have a huge Veggie garden but I don’t.  Not until now.  Being in the industry we are very busy in the spring, and when I get home I am not always eager to jump back into working mode.  By the time July comes, when it starts to slow a bit, I always felt it was too late to start one.  So this is going to be an experiment, novice veggie grower here.

This year I got a jump on my plans and had my husband build me a simple box in March.  Then I picked a sunny spot…..

It has at least 6 hours of sun including the noon hour.   Next we filled it with our own compost, which I later learned that vegetable gardens need top soil too. Fortunately it was built on top of a regular organically fed lawn and it isn’t too deep, so maybe we will be OK.  Like I said this is an experiment and you are all in this with me, following me, watching me have triumphs and foibles….   

Now came the fun part…. we placed our plants where we wanted, fed them with an organic fertilizer and then maneuvered the soaker hose around where I wanted it. Good Tip:  Let your soaker hose warm in the sun of your driveway so that it will be more pliable, to shape the way you want it.  I always pin my hose down with garden pins, some people use rocks, mulch or the soil itself to hold it down.  I also added a quick connect to the end so I can remove my regular hose with ease and not disturb my soaker placement.  I love soaker hoses!  In my opinion it is the best way to water a vegetable garden, it keeps the water at their feet which helps keeping disease problems down. 

The next step, I layered the compost with hay mulch from Lucerne Farms.  This has been heated to kill off weed seeds and pathogens, and when using it, I was brought back to the farm from the smell of it…. clean, dry and sweet.  Mulching helps keep the weeds down and keeps the moisture in.

We decided to keep it simple and small, some shallots, red peppers, couple of tomatoes, green bean and some cucumbers.  I keep telling my husband he needs to build me a couple of trellis for my cukes and beans…. He is going to be surprised at how fast they get big.

 Maybe next year we will add a second box….. with a little top soil too 😉   For now this will keep me busy enough and teach my son about where food really comes from. -Nan

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