Seven Steps Closer to Spring – #7

Seven Steps Closer to Spring – #7

Plan on Peas!

It’s still a bit early to put them in the ground, but it’s not too early to plan where they will be planted. Yes, you can grow peas in any traditional vegetable garden. But you can also grow them in other locations. Plant peas in pots and let them scramble up the fencing around your deck. Put pea seeds in your window boxes and let them hang over the sides. Grow the vines up bamboo teepee supports in large pots or in and among the roses on the side of your house! Be creative…the crunch of fresh peas right off the vine are worth it.

Peas grow best in temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees. On Cape Cod they are usually planted anywhere from mid-April through the end of May.  Once the peas start to form you’ll want to pick them daily; if harvested regularly they will keep producing until the weather gets hot.

Sugar snap peas are a favorite with gardeners because they are sweet and don’t need to be shelled.

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