Plant These With Children

Plant These With Children

This is the perfect summer to introduce kids to the joys of a garden and the natural world. There are so many wonderful things plant and grow with your children and grandchildren. Look for plants that encourage their imagination and engage the senses: touch, sight, taste, and smell. Here are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

Radishes grow quickly from seed and even if your child doesn’t like the taste, they’ll love pulling them out fo the ground. Carrots too! Growth both from seeds planted anytime between late-May and mid-August. (Summer planted carrots are harvested in October or November.)
Have a child help you plant different mints in pots. They love to smell the different varieties, and pick sprigs to be added to glasses of water or lemonade.
Lambs ears a favorite with children. Not only are the leaves soft, but the flowers attract bees that are fun to watch.
When I was a child my grandmother let me pick some single hollyhock flowers and pretend that they were ladies in fancy ball gowns. This is still a good game today.
Children love to check on the lady’s mantle plants in the morning and see the dew that is displayed like diamonds on the leaves. I know a coupld of kids who used to love to pretend that this plant was their “diamond store.”
Making fairy houses? This elfin thyme makes a fragrant carpet for inside or outside…guaranteed to lure in the nature spirits.
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