Mid-Summer Landscape & Garden Fix-ups

Mid-Summer Landscape & Garden Fix-ups

As we head into July, know that a few quick fixes can give a tremendous lift to your yard and garden. Here are some photos showing how to improve several situations to create areas that make you happy into October.

Do you have areas that are nice enough but could use a focal point or dash of excitement?
Consider adding a birdhouse or other ornament. A colorful bench is also an instant eye catcher. If you’ve already got the birdhouse in place, paint the pole with a fresh new color!
And speaking of color… perhaps your patio could use a bit more.
Colorful pots can instantly dress up a patio, porch or deck.
Fill the pots with annuals or shrubs. If you choose shrubs, you can plant them into the ground later in the fall.
Hydrangeas make good pot plants for the summer. Just be sure to water them daily and place them where they will be shaded in the hot noon hour.
Some quick deadheading (cutting off browned flowers or leaves) can do wonders for how your garden looks. Just clip off any part of the plant that’s not attractive.
Many plants, such as the butterfly bush, not only look better when the brown flowers are clipped off, but they produce more flowers faster as a result.
Nepeta, aka catmint, can get cut to the ground at this time of year. It grows back quickly with fresh new foliage and you can plant annuals in the area that you open up alongside this perennial.
Here is how the Nepeta looks in August when it’s got new leaves. the annual brown-eyed-Susans and the Profusion Zinnias were added in July and bloomed through October.
If you need to tuck a plant into a garden without actually placing it in the soil, use smaller Smart Pots. They are black, so are pretty well hidden from view. And being fabric, they can get tucked in and among shrubs, large rocks or perennials.
Dress up some hard scape areas with a grouping of plants in containers.

The gardens on Cape Cod tend to look fantastic through October, so any changes you make or things you plant now will be enjoyed for at least three more months!

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