Let’s Get Together And Make Something

Let’s Get Together And Make Something

Have you ever gotten together with a group of friends on an occasion when everyone is in the kitchen creating some part of a meal? If so, you’ve undoubtedly discovered the simple pleasure of talking, laughing and cooking in a group. In such events we learn that sometimes the best celebrations are when we come together and create something.

But such times don’t have to revolve around food. They can be centered around plants and planting as well. We can gather to help someone refurbish a perennial bed, plant a vegetable garden, or put bulbs into the ground. And in all seasons we can get creative with container gardens. Time and again at Country Garden we see that gathering together to make something with plants is life affirming and fun.

Here are just a few occasions that you might want to gather together in our greenhouses to create a memory with friends and plants:

Birthday Parties (You can bring refreshments or ask us to provide them. Anyone for cake?)
Reunions (Your high school BFF’s will all be in town…why not get together somewhere pretty and green?)
A Wine Tasting Gathering (You bring the wine or ask us to supply it.)
Team Building (Bring your entire office staff for a time to creatively, and positively, blow off steam.)
Your Book Group (We’ll even suggest a plant-related book to read in advance.)
Bridal Parties (Plant living centerpieces for the wedding reception.)
Seasonal Celebration (It’s spring…or summer, fall or winter. Or, since you’re on Cape Cod, it’s something in between. No matter – it’s a good reason to party.)
Adult Fairy Garden Workshop (Because why should kids have all the fun?)
You’re Celebrating An Achievement (New job? Pregnant? Stopped smoking? There’s no better way to celebrate moving forward than with something green and growing.)

Be a kid again! Create a miniature landscape for the nature spirits. This workshop was also a birthday party, complete with adult beverages, snacks, gift giving and laughter.

Create “Planters With A Purpose” – a bowl with plants that attract hummingbirds, those that are fragrant, edible herbs and flowers or a bowl that’s filled with color, color, color.

The beauty of a workshop is that although everyone might be working on a similar project, the finished pieces are all very different. Each participant gets to express his/her individuality.

Maybe you can’t afford to take all your friends to Hawaii, but you could plan a Tropical Oasis Planting Party in our greenhouse…from orchids to dish gardens, we’ll help you design a green event.

Do your friends love succulents? We can plan a party for planting a succulent garden that could be displayed indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer.

Perhaps you want green, living centerpieces on your party or wedding reception tables. Gather together with your friends or bridesmaids and plant them! This one is in a $5. silver-plated Revere bowl from a thrift store.

How about a terrarium party? We can supply you with small, hanging bubbles or large glass jars…plus all the plants and other accessories to fill them.

How can we help you celebrate with family and friends? The next time you want to do something that’s a bit different than the same-old-same-old, give us a call. We’ll help create a celebration and a memory making experience. Call the store and ask for Jocelyn or Susan, or email Danielle at [email protected]  Let’s make some fun.

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