Holiday Pots That You Plant In The Garden

Holiday Pots That You Plant In The Garden

Do you want to fill your containers with attractive winter plants that can then go into your garden in the spring? If so, this post is for you.

At this time of year many want to fill their pots, urns and window boxes with greens for the holidays and beyond. Some stick cut greens right into the existing soil. Others put florist Oasis into their containers (hint: line the container with plastic so that it holds the water) and make a fresh cut on the greens before inserting it in the wet floral foam. That last option keeps greens fresh well into January and often beyond if the Oasis is kept wet.

But there is another alternative. There are many lovely plants available at Country Garden that can be used for holiday decor now, and placed into the garden to grow and even flower for years to come. Here are a few options we have for your creative holiday plantings:

These small evergreens have colorful foliage for instant appeal. Picture these with some red branches stuck in with them. Stunning!

Wintergreen is a native, low, evergreen groundcover that also has beautiful berries. Add it to your pots and then plant it in your shade garden this spring. This plant will not only be pretty in your garden, but the birds and other wildlife appreciate the berries.

Yes, you can even have flowers in your holiday containers! This Gold Collection Hellebore is called Jacob, and it blooms from December through February in the garden. After you enjoy this plant in your pots or boxes, transplant it to your shade garden…maybe near the wintergreen!

We have a few cabbages left that can also be put into containers as fillers…they won’t live past spring, but they will last into the winter in your boxes and pots and add another texture to your composition.

All of the evergreens and the berried wintergreen will live for years in the garden when planted in the spring. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the evergreens grow! The white cabbages will be pretty through the winter but should be composted in the spring when you take the pot apart.

C.L. already had cabbages in her urns for the fall. All she had to do is plant two of the golden arborvitaes in the center and she knows that these urns will go into January and beyond in style. She will plant the golden arbs into her landscape come April.

Plant as you would in the spring, using fresh potting soil in your containers and making sure they have drainage holes. If the weather is above freezing and it hasn’t rained for seven days, water your containers well to keep the plants healthy. Then in April or early May, transplant these into the appropriate locations in your garden. Note that the tiny evergreens won’t stay so small, so place them where they can grow….these plants will surprise you with their growth in the next three to five years, and they will always bring beauty to your winter landscape.

Wintergreen can be planted in shade gardens and the small evergreens in sunny spaces. In three years you’ll be saying, “I can’t believe how large these pretty evergreen shrubs have grown!”

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