Holiday Decorating for Birds

Holiday Decorating for Birds

When I was a child we often decorated an outdoor evergreen for the birds. We’d string cranberries or popcorn and drape them around a tree, adding pinecones that we’d rolled in peanut butter and birdseed. It was a fun project that took most of a Saturday to accomplish.

Now, when time often seems to be in short supply, many are looking for a way to decorate for the birds that isn’t quite so time consuming. So today’s post is highlighting some of the work that our custom department has done that does double duty: these decorations will festively adorn houses, lampposts or sheds and will provide for birds as well.

This swag has a suet cage attached. It’s filled with a cake of Woodpecker favorites. The cage opens from the top so that through the season it can be refilled as needed.
This swag has a block of High Energy suet inside. The High Energy is pure suet – no seeds, and it’s a favorite of many birds.
We have nesting pouches in our store that also make good sheltering spots for birds. Attach one on a wreath or swag, and offer birds a place to shelter from the snow or ice.
In our bird department we have rings that hold suet balls. These rings look just like wreaths! On this swag, we filled the ring with cones, but whoever takes this home can also purchase a bag of suet balls, empty out the cones and replace them with the suet.
For those who like the idea of hanging ornaments that the birds will enjoy, we have seeds that are pressed into bell form. They can be hung from shrubs and trees, regular bird feeders, or used in a wreath or swag that you create.

Note that no matter what type of bird decorations you use or where you hang them, it might take the birds a week or two to discover this new food source. My husband once put out a new feeder and was discouraged when the birds didn’t visit it for several days. “I gave a party and no birds came,” he said to me. Eventually, of course, they showed up for the celebration and ate all the refreshments.

No matter what type of decorations and bird parties you are planning, we wish you happy holidays filled with color and flight.

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