HCG Charitable Donation Form

HCG Charitable Donation Form

For Donation Requests of Seeds or Plants

Thank you for considering Hyannis Country Garden. We’re committed to supporting the community that supports us. For us, it’s important to support organizations that do good work within our community and to help wherever we can. We’re proud to participate and donate to hundreds of local charities each year. Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. We’re doing our part to keep it that way! We get hundreds of requests annually and we need your help keeping it all organized.

Due to the volume of donation requests that we receive, we need a process to manage them. Thank you in advance for your help! Please submit your donation request through our online forms. We do not accept charitable donation requests by any other method. We are truly sorry but we will not be able to respond to requests via telephone, email, social media, snail mail, or in person. Please allow us a minimum of three weeks to review and respond to your request.

If you are participating in a special seed/plant gift event please use this Seed/Plant Request Form.

  • Hyannis Country Garden will consider requests from nonprofit organizations and their fundraising efforts on Cape Cod. We are especially receptive to organizations involved with the Barnstable schools or youth groups.
  • Organizations must complete an online donation request form to be considered.
  • Requests are filled at the discretion of Hyannis Country Garden.
  • Organizations are limited to one (1) request per twelve-month period.
  • Donations must be picked up at Hyannis Country Garden. We will not mail donations.
  • Hyannis Country Garden is unable to donate to for-profit companies, but we’re always willing to explore partnerships with businesses that might be mutually beneficial.
  • As much as we would like to, we are unable to respond favorably to all requests due to the large volume of requests that we receive.
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